Introducing the Master-Apprentice model for the modern age!

Proof of Model

Over the past 3 years, Industry Connect (100% under our operation) has developed and validated a business model that enables participants to rapidly learn new technologies and launch their careers as quickly as possible.

Thunder Education Protocol

Direct transactions on the blockchain without intermediaries. Smart Contract ensures rules of transactions.

Thunder.University Protocols

Thunder.University protocols will be deployed to Metaverse.Network as Smart Contracts.

  • Ethereum compatibility
  • Metaverse native features
  • Bridges to other network
  • Talented team and supportive community
  • Ability to launch our own metaverse
  • Benefit from the existing users
  • Easy to build and develop
  • Highly customizable world
  • Friendly developer community



The Apprentice investigates what subjects they are interested in and then finds relevant Masters. The Apprentice selects a Master to find out what commercial projects the Master can offer. The key skills gained will be recorded and stored on a decentralised blockchain along with the Apprentice’s profile. Skills and experience will be owned by the individual apprentice.


The Master decides which Apprentices they will accept. By training Apprentices, skilled practitioners simultaneously earn revenue and progress their project tasks and product development whilst training prospective talent for their team. Masters are reviewed by Apprentices and insights are fed back to the Master so that programmes and projects can be constantly improved.


The Employer can create programmes to attract Apprentices who want to join mentored programmes. The Employer can also create a scholarship programme for the Apprentice to learn specific domain knowledge required by the business. They can also run competitions with reward incentives to identify Apprentice talent as future employees, overcoming a key obstacle to business growth.


The Angel has the opportunity to invest at the very beginning of a project life cycle. By observing a team culture and identifying true entrepreneurs, The Angel is able to de-risk their investment as they get involved in the creation of the new business model as it develops. Angel investment incentivises both The Master’s project and training programmes, which has a multiplying effect on available resources for developing the project.

TUUT Token

TUUT Token


– Pays for training programs and services
– Takes out loans to cover program fees
– Earns tokens for specific project work or other activities


– Is paid for teaching and mentoring Apprentices within programs
– Issues loans and scholarships
– Remunerates Apprentices where appropriate
– Receives investment into projects

Angel Investor

– Provides seed funding to projects
– Issues loans, scholarships or rewards
– Pays for access to premium platform information


– Rewards employees who develop new skills
– Issues loans, scholarships or rewards
– Pays for access to premium platform information

The Artificial Intelligence

– Pays for access to AI insights and processes

Z Dojo — local shared space and incubator

– Is paid for providing shared, bookable office space and meeting rooms
– Is paid for office consumables (e.g. printing, coffee)

The University 2.0

Thunder is a platform to enable industry-oriented education which is incentivized by the token economy for the first time ever in human history.

The Global Market

The technology currently drives economic growth and there is an increasing number of people entering technology fields. Every industry will require innovation and high tech to compete and grow into the future.



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Thunder University

Thunder University

Introducing the Master-Apprentice model for the modern age.